Our Full Services

Data Recovery

  We use the world No. 1 Data Recovery Work Stations for our Data Recovery Clinic.  Our Data Recovery Services is divided into different sections:

  • Internal hard disk drives recovery
  • External hard disk drives Recovery
  • USB flash drives recovery
  • Memory cards recovery

Apple Products

  We offer different services to support our clients having different Hardware-Software issues with Apple Products such as: iMac, MackBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. We use the highest quality proper tools for our services. This gives our customers the best possible service in comparison to any other computer repair shops.


 We frequently solve laptop issues. We repair almost all problems such as: 

  • Not working MotherBoards or liquid damaged laptop
  • VGA, CPU, other BGA Chipset faults
  • Broken monitor
  • Faulty Keyboard / Touch-Pad
  • Updating storage - memory
  • Optic disk drive issues
  • BlueTooth / WiFi issues

We cover various brands of Laptop such as:

Acer, Asus, Dell,  HP, Packard bell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba

Personal Computers

 We have extensive experience dealing with home, office or game-based PCs which have different hardware and software. Each of them has their own specific advantages and disadvantages. We are familiar with all of them. As a result we are well place to know how to upgrade, maintain or repair them in best, easy and most economical way. We also design and build professional or home computers to our customers’ specifications.

Game Consoles

 By dealing with different issues of Game Consoles which almost success in any cases we've had, we can offer the vast range of Game Consoles Repair for all models of Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Our services in this section are:

  • APU - Chipset fault
  • HDMI Port / System fault
  • Optic disk drive fault
  • Network fault (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • Power issues

Business Supports

  We offer support to businesses in many different fields. If you have any issues with your IT (such as networking, PCs, laptops, printers) or are looking for reliable advice to how to improve your computers' speed or storage, or you're looking for expanding your network environment, we would be very happy to help you and your business.