Our Apple Products Services

iMac services

 As doing this business for long time, we offer a vast service in Apple Products. Our iMac Support and Services are:

  • Screen replacement
  • MotherBoard repair
  • Power issues and repair
  • USB / Thunderbolt repair
  • MacOS problems repair
  • iMac storage / memory upgrade
  • Speed / virus issues repair
  • Video / output problems

MacBook Pro / MacBook Air

  We have successfully dealt with the following issues:

  • Water / Liquid Damage
  • MotherBoard Failure
  • Broken Screen
  • Keyboard / TouchPad Issues
  • MacOS X Issues
  • WiFi / BlueTooth Issues
  • Hardware System Upgrade

iPad Services

 iPad is in widespread use. This device is very handy and is easy to use. There are common issues with the iPad. These are listed below. We are fully able to deal with all of these problems:

  • Digitiser / Touch Issues
  • Broken Screen
  • Home Bottom Issues
  • WiFi / Sim Card Issues
  • Bad Battery / Charging System
  • Charging Port Problem
  • Volume / Mute / Power Switches Issues
  • iOS / Hanging UP / Not Booting Up Issues

iPhone / iPod Services

 iPhones / iPods are in widespread common use. They have almost the same potential issues as iPads. We are able to deal with all of these:

  • Digitiser / touch issues
  • Broken screen
  • Home bottom issues
  • WiFi / Sim card issues
  • Bad battery / Charging system
  • Charging port problem
  • Volume / Mute / Power switches issues
  • Hanging UP / Not booting up issues

Apple Products Questions


Please ask us any questions about Apple Products or any of our other services. We will provide full advice regarding your issues.

You can contact us by email or call us by phone. To do that, you can use the "Ask Us" bottom below.